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Protecting Your Pool from Winter Storms

Updated: May 19, 2022

We are expecting an extreme cold storm in the latter part of this week in the Austin, Texas area. We at Blue Ocean wanted to share a few ways to help protect your pool, equipment, and investment during this cold storm.

Firstly, it’s highly recommended to keep your water moving, as moving water is very unlikely to freeze. All pools with single-speed pumps should run for the entirety of the freeze. Most variable-speed pumps have built-in freeze protection. You can double check to see if your freeze protection is enabled in your Pentair EasyTouch panel under the “Circuit Functions” option in the Settings menu.

Here are some tips for preparing your pool equipment for freezing temperatures:

Insulate Your Equipment

  • Cover equipment with a tarp or blanket

  • Cover exposed bibs with towels and garbage bags

  • Wrap pipes with insulating material (cut pool noodles are a good idea!)

If You Lose Power

  • Turn off all circuit breakers to the pool equipment

  • Open all valves

  • Open the air bleed valve on top of your filter

  • Remove drain plugs from pumps and filters - this includes booster pumps, feature pumps, and certain heaters

  • Take apart as much of your equipment as possible - even remove the top of your filter housing!

Stay safe y’all!

Chris & the Blue Ocean Team

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